Each year, the Educational Foundation awards scholarships based on available funds. The scholarships range in value from $400 for Community College attendees, to $10,000 scholarship we award in partnership with the State Employees Credit Union. Most Community College scholarships are $400, while the typical four-year college recipient is awarded $1,000.

The Educational Foundation raises funds and accepts donations for several General Scholarships. In addition, the Educational Foundation awards a number of scholarships that honor and memorialize prior members of the National Guard and their families.

Scholarship applications are included as fillable PDF forms below, and can also be found on the NC National Guard Association’s WEB site at ncnga.org under the “Benefits” tab. There are two applications: Regular and Academic Excellence, which are described below. Completed applications can be mailed to the office at: NCNGA Educational Foundation/ 7410 Chapel Hill Road/ Raleigh, NC 27607. Applications must be completed in full and include the required income information, school transcripts, etc. If you have questions regarding the application, you can contact the office administrator, Ken Tyndall, at (919) 851-3390 Ext 5.

Applications from students already enrolled in college must be postmarked no later than February 1. High school applicants should ensure their applications are postmarked by March 1. Applications received after the required postmark dates will not be accepted.

Regular Scholarship Application

Academic Excellence Scholarship Application

General and Special Memorial Scholarships

The majority of scholarships awarded by the Educational Foundation fall under ‘General’ or ‘Special Memorial.’ Candidates are evaluated on five criteria areas including financial need, academic performance, citizenship, leadership and ‘other;’ this latter category taking into account various subjective evaluations such as special circumstances of the candidate. Except as noted below, all General and Special Memorial scholarships are evaluated on the same criteria and use the Regular Scholarship application form.

‘Special Memorial’ scholarship awards recognize and/or memorialize members of the National Guard through the generous donations of their families and friends. No special application or notation is required for consideration of these scholarships.

Academic Excellence & Leadership


Special Population

Each year, the Scholarship Selection Committee awards two scholarships - one each to a current high school senior and one to a current college applicant — for excellence in academics and leadership. These applicants will complete the AEL application form and do not have to provide financial/ income information. They will be evaluated primarily on their academic and leadership achievements.

Each year, the Scholarship Selection Committee awards two scholarships - one each to a current high school senior and one to a current college applicant - for outstanding achievement in citizenship. These applicants will be chosen from the population of those submitting the regular application form and are chosen based on their achievements and activities that contribute to their schools and communities.

For candidates that have certain learning conditions, or medical conditions that can make traditional student life difficult, the Scholarship Selection Committee arranges to have funds available for a “Special Population” scholarship on an annual basis. If a candidate has physical limitations, a documented learning disorder, or other condition that prevents the student from leading a traditional student life, please contact the office at (919) 851-3390, extension 5, to request a Special Population Application Addendum form.